Essilor Lenses

Varilux X Series

The First Varilux Providing Total Visual Freedom*

Varilux X series is the first Varilux lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for everyday activities within arm’s reach and beyond. Varilux X series is the best Varilux we’ve ever designed.


With 4D Technology, your lenses are made to measure according to the frame you have chosen and take into account your directing eye. They allow you to detect the elements around you 4 times faster than a standard progressive lens. This technology is available as part of an exclusive measurement protocol at McLachlan Opticians.

Varilux Physio

Beyond High Resolution Vision

The way you wear your spectacles can have a big impact on the performance of your lenses. People have differently shaped faces and personal preferences in frame styles, so in an ideal world, every lens would be specially made for its wearer and frame.

That’s the thinking behind Varilux Physio 2.0 f-360 lenses. We take five additional frame measurements that combined with your lens prescription, deliver a truly personalised pair of glasses.
Varilux Physio 2.0 f-360 varifocal lenses provide the most natural vision with up to 30% improvement in visual performance, visual contrast and width of vision, giving the most natural-feeling vision.
If you like smaller frames ask us about Varilux Physio Short 2.0 – These lenses have been specifically designed to provide optimal natural vision when wearing smaller frames.
For more information visit the Varilux Physio 2.0 varifocal lenses section on the Varilux website


Easy Vision for an Easy Life

Want to forget you wear glasses?
Essilor created the Varilux E series lenses for you. From the moment you try them, you will experience great vision, enjoying true images and enhanced visual comfort. It has never been so easy to wear varifocal lenses, as you will instantly feel comfortable, you can wear them for your daily routine and activities such as driving, working, going downstairs, playing with your kids, reading etc.

Did you know that image distortion is the main problem in standard varifocal lenses?
Image distortion requires more effort of the eyes and compromises your instant visual comfort. This is why Varilux researchers created a new technology, Swim Control, which significantly reduces distortion so you can enjoy wearing your new glasses immediately.

For more information visit the Varilux E series lenses section on the Varilux website.

Varilux Comfort New Edition

Your vision can finally keep up with the pace of your life.

Varilux Comfort has been specifically designed to suit our busy lives. Over the last 15 years, the way people live has changed. Today, the pace of life is getting faster, people are busier than ever, and such high-tech tools as mobile phones, computers and digital cameras have become essential.

These changes have had a significant impact on visual requirements: screens are everywhere, everyday objects are constantly getting smaller and the environment makes numerous demands on people’s vision

Varilux Comfort® New Edition is a lens designed for modern environments.It supports dynamic vision and rapid changes of activity while allowing you to hold your head in a way that’s completely natural.  It’s one of the most prescribed lenses in the world, with over 100 million dispensed.  84% of wearers felt it helped them maintain a natural posture when going about their daily lives.

For more information on Varilux Comfort New Edition varifocal lenses visit the Varilux website